Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pink Slipped!

No! I did not get laid-off, thank goodness...but I did get creative.  I'm sure many of you have seen the following "pink slip" on Pinterest...

It was originally featured in an article by the infamous Harry and Rosemary Wong in a 2006 article on While I don't agree with everything in the article (don't give your students homework until week 3 - ummm, that's not happening), I do love the way that proponents of the pink slip mention that it gives students a bit more responsibility and accountability for their work...and this is what I need...accountability!

I'm sure many of us have the same dilemma...

Me: Turn in your work to the back
Student #1: I don't have a printer at home, can I turn it in tomorrow
Me: Sure, just remind me

Three weeks later...
Student #1: Why did I get a zero on that assingment
Me: It was never turned in
Student #1: But remember, I didn't have a printer
Me: Hmmm...*Glazed over look as I diligently try to decipher the 150,000 conversations I've had with my students in the past 3 weeks*
Student #1: I'm sure I turned it in late
Me: Hmmmm...I'll look for it...which turns into days of frustration for me, my student, and their parent. 

I'm hoping that my personal version of the pink slip will change that this year...student didn't turn in homework on time? No problem, I know exactly when and why.  Parents can't image that their child wouldn't turn in work? Guess's their signature! And to top it all off, the late grading scale is right on it, and the students has to actually fill it in themselves; I love this because there is then no mistaking how many percentage points were taken off and why...I love classroom clarity!

Below is my personal version: It obviously is not pink...because I don't actually know how to use my computer well enough to make the background a different color (seriously...all these cute downloadables from teachers make me a bit jealous...I'll eventually get there).  Fortunately I have bright pink printer paper that will make these babies bright enough not to get lost, and if I'm honest, I'm hoping it gives a bit of the "walk of shame" when my students have to fess up to a late assignment in front of everyone.  Feel free to use this in your own classroom...I'd make a downloadable version...but of course, I don't know how...cut and paste, maybe? Anyway, enjoy!

And of course, so as not to is the link to the Wongs' article.
Happy Pink Slipping!

Mrs. V.


  1. I love this, and am considering doing the same this year. I have a quick question about how you plan to handle this-- will you have them immediately turn in the top portion, and then just turn in the bottom portion later with their completed assignment? Obviously, there will be some who just never complete it because they never intended to. In that case, I'd want to have the top portion with their signature- for those parent meetings.

  2. Good thought about a "top level" signature. I was thinking that every time homework is due all students have to turn in SOMETHING...either the assignment or a pink slip - which I will file. Those who turn in their homework late will have the bottom part stapled to their assignment. I will replace the original pink slip with the completed slip once it's turned in...that way at conferences, if a parent has a question about an assignment I will either have the top or the bottom to show them...does that make sense? Hope I answered your question...