Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Currently

So I haven't exactly learned how to "link up" to another blog, but I think (?) I'm on the right track with this July Currently from Farley.  Even though it's already the 7th (gulp...where does time go??)
Here's what I'm working on for July...

 1. Listening to Little Buddy's cereal spoon clank against his bowl as he watches Disney Channel in the other room.  My kids could live on cereal - and since my mom only bought us Mueslix and Grape Nuts growing up, I have now become one of those moms who buys Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms on a regular basis.

2. Loving my assistant cheer coaches.  Team camp starts tomorrow, and they were both over here in the middle of their busy Sunday afternoons to go over some last minute details.  They are both simply amazing!

3. Thinking about how much I'll miss Baby Girl this week - she heads out to Ignite camp - which is a week-long overnight camp down in Indiana.  She'll be gone for the week, but every year she comes back so fired up for the Lord that I am just so excited for her.

4. Wanting to head down to Worship on the Waterfront tonight, but it looks like it might rain.  Every Sunday night in the summer our community has different Christian artists come in to lead worship on the waterfront (hence the name). Tonight is Phil someone or other - but he was on American Idol a few years back, and I'm really hoping the rain stays away!

5. Needing black ink for my printer. Ugh.  I hate it when it runs low!

6. Tips, Tricks, or Hints: The more you write, the better writer you become.

Happy July!!

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  1. You did the link up correctly! If you want, you can put text boxes into her "picture" of the Currently so that your writing is in the pic :)

    I have to say I do not miss going to cheer camp this year! I resigned as coach for this year because I'll be teaching an extra class this 5/4. Have fun with yours though!!

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