About Me...

I'm Jenn! I am a wife, mom, teacher, coach, and friend...rarely in that order.  My high-school-sweetheart-hubby is Chris Hottie; he and I are parents to Baby Girl...a high school freshman who is a super sweetheart with mad volleyball and gymnastics skills...

and Little Buddy... a 4th grader with very little hope of getting his front teeth in anytime before middle school (according to the orthodontist). Sigh.

I teach 9th grade Intro to Lit, 12th grade British Lit and AP Lit, and Creative Writing at Western Michigan Christian High School in Muskegon, Michigan (Go Warriors!). These are my students having a Pride and Prejudice tea party...

Chris Hottie coaches baseball, and I coach cheer...so pretty much we spend our entire lives hanging out with teenagers.  Fortunately, we love it!!

I'm passionate about everything that I do, and I'm so grateful for my kids, my hubby, and my students (again...not necessarily in that order).  I'm excited to share ideas with other teachers in order to keep improving my classroom and my family.  Come "Hang with Hekken" and let's journey through this teaching world together!

Mrs. V.

P.S...and if you want to know more about the non-teaching side of me...you can follow this blog too!

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