Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Back-to-School Wardrobe

So, I really, really, really wanted to buy some new work clothes this weekend.  There is just something about going back to school with some new togs or a new pair of shoes that just gears me up for the new year.  Unfortunately, after 3 hours of slogging through the mall, Target, Old Navy, and TJMaxx, I came out with a spiced latte candle and some new Olay 7effects+serum...but nothing else.  I was disappointed, but every time I came across something cute, I couldn't quite figure out what I would wear it with or how it would exactly fit into my wardrobe.  As a consolation, I decided to go through my closet and see if I could put together a few outfits for this week and from there decide what I still needed...interestingly enough, 1.5 hours and 14 outfits later, I realized that I need NOTHING.  In fact, I have so many clothes that I put together 14 outfits with no repeats and still have clothing left over...talk about a wake up call.  What I realized (aside from how blessed I am) is that having outfits put together for the next three weeks  is going to make my life extremely organized...I get to wake up, grab a hanger, add some shoes and accessories and head out the door.  So Exciting!!!

So anyway, here's a shot of my outfit organization:

14 hangers, each with a bottom and top...some with accessories
And here is my outfit-of-choice for the 1st day of school (capris - Old Navy, Shirt - Hollister, Shoes - Target, Necklace - Charlotte Russe, Watch - Michael Kors...it was my birthday present from Chris Hottie)

Don't judge the fact that I took a bathroom selfie like a teenager
I highly encourage the outfit-on-a-hanger system.  I came across it by accident, but I'm so excited about how organized I feel.  Speaking of organization, check out thecurlyclassroom.blogspot.com today, they have a link-up of classroom tours...it's such a great way to get new ideas!  Have a great day!

Monday, September 2, 2013



1. Well, Chris Hottie is catching up on the baseball scores as I write this.  We are die-hard Detroit Tiger's fans...actually, we are die-hard baseball fans.  Chris Hottie's brother is a pro baseball player and used to play for the Tigers, he's kind of famous, which my students really appreciate!

2. It's about 65 degrees here! I lit a caramel spice candle, put on a sweatshirt, and am cozying up with a glass of red wine and an iPad full of sweater-and-boot-outfits on Pinterest.

3. First official day of school tomorrow, not only for me but for Baby Girl and Little Buddy too! Freshman year and 4th grade respectively.  Bags are packed, outfits are planned (check in tomorrow for my closet pic - 15 outfits planned out for the next 3 weeks!), and lunches are made.  I think we're ready!!

4. So, Castle might technically be a high-intensity crime drama, but it's my favorite show ever, and it completely relaxes me. Once I'm done here I'm hoping to kick Chris-Hottie off of ESPN and watch a few recorded episodes of Castle.

5. See numbers 3-4.  School tomorrow!!!!

<3 Working on remembering that I am not my own, I am a child of the King, and he is at work in me and through me.   This is so much easier than thinking that I have to do everything on my own...can I get an AMEN! :)

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!!