Friday, July 5, 2013

5 for Friday

So, I've seen a few other bloggers write a "5 for Friday" post, and I thought I'd try it out...5 things that I've been working on this week...

1. Blogging!  It's been awhile since I've written anything, and I love to write, I just feel like I never really make the time.  I'm excited to be back at it, and if you want a good laugh, head over to Confessions of a Florida Chick, a blog I wrote while living in South Florida - some of the posts still crack me up!

2. Fourth of July!!  I truly love celebrating our country's independence.  I love the camaraderie felt by all as we sit around looking into the sky at fireworks.  I'm not at all crafty, but check out the last-minute tshirt that Little Buddy and I made - I'm feeling quite Pinteresty if I do say so myself (a plain tshirt and fabric markers - go me!).  And we can't forget Leo the Cat - such a festive little feline!

3.  Enjoying our hometown!  If you've never been to the west coast of Michigan, well come on down!  We boast a great waterfront with one of the best boardwalks ever.  My hubby (who my students affectionately call Chris Hottie, because that's the title for him on my cell phone) and I have been walking the boardwalk and the pier almost every single day.  Today we started the day with a great walk, and my legs have been feeling it since!

The view from the Grand Haven Boardwalk

4. Strawberry Picking!  This is the first year that we have been strawberry picking, but it was a blast...I mean, sort of, we had to squat a lot, and it was really hot out, but in the end I have so many strawberries for my morning smoothie - and we were with friends, so that makes all the difference! We went to Cook's Berry Farm in Coopersville, Michigan.  They don't have a website, but they are a great place to go for u-pick berries!

Baby Girl with her flat of hand picked berries

Baby Girl and Friend Sam getting down in the patch

Friend Sam, Little Buddy, and Baby Girl with their yummy berries.

5.  Making lists! Every morning I send the kids a text (yes, Little Buddy has an iPod...don't judge) with their list for the day, it's 4-5 things that they must complete before they head out for their respective days of fun (Baby Girl is usually hanging out with friends at the beach, and Little Buddy is usually riding around the block on his scooter or bike with the neighbors.)  They both have 15 minutes of reading and their daily devotions to complete, which doesn't change day-to-day, but then they each have 2-3 chores that they need to complete depending on the state of the house.  Here's an example of one of Little Buddy's lists:

Well, that's been my week, I'd love to hear about yours!  What do you love to do in your hometown?

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